Festival & Competition

Competition Information

TPDS attends 2-3 competitions a year. Once we have a chance to take a look at the dates available we will post the competitions we are planning on attending for that year. When this is decided upon we will decide what groups will attend each competition. This is will be posted in our competition groups document.

Competition Meeting

At the beginning of each dance year we will have a mandatory competition meeting for all parents. This meeting will cover any questions you may have about the competition world & we will announce the competitions for that year. It is vital that you attend this meeting.

Competition Groups

Being a part of a competition group is a responsibility, privilege & a high level of commitment is expected. Students must attend class on a regular basis. At home practicing is a expected. Parents are encouraged to come video tape their students competition groups during the last 5-10 minutes of each class. Please notify the teacher if you are planning to attend. Once competition choreography has commenced students attendance at every class is a must. It is very difficult to re-teach choreography every week.

Competition Fees

Once we have decided what competitions we are attending the fees for the event will be posted. All students must have their fees into the studio by November 15th, 2017. Reimbursement of fees is applicable through the Crowsnest Pass Dance Festival Society volunteer opportunities. They have meeting at the beginning of each month. Check out their information board in the waiting room of the studio.

Shoe, Hair & Tights List

All these items are required for competition, picture day & year-end show!

Hair & Make-Up Tutorial

Click on the link below to find the proper TPDS Hair & Make-Up Application!



Solos, Duos, Trios, & Small-Groups


  1. If a student is not keeping up in their regular classes (groups, exams, etc) and has missed to many of their regular classes with more then 2 excused absences their private time will be used instead to catch them up on their group dances that they have missed.
  2. Students MUST make sure they practice at home regularly so they are prepared for their next private. Please do not wait until the night before. Putting some time away every day will help the dancer do the best they can do. Each private should be videoed at the end by dancer or parent so the child has it to practice with at home. Open studio hours are available for practicing if you do not have space at home. As well MDM stage is also available for a small charge through the town.
  3. Anyone performing a duo/trio/small group MUST schedule time with their partners to practice together.
  4. Parents must be aware of the importance of the commitment level for everyone: dancer, teacher and parent.   Help facilitate a good rehearsal space while at home.
  5. Dancers must be enrolled in all the recommended classes for their level before they will be permitted to do a solo.
  6. Maintaining a proper attitude towards corrections and a positive work ethic during privates is a MUST! The instructors are trying to make your private a positive experience and for the dancer to improve technically during their private.
  7. Costumes, music & props will be discussed at the first private with the instructor having the final say.
  8. A meeting will be setup after the auditions with each dancer / parent to decide what the best placement for the student will be.
  9. Parents need to be aware of all the costs incorporated with a solo. The cost of the private itself, cost of costume, props, competition entry fees for two competitions, travel expenses.
The private schedule is posted on Facebook ONLY! The 1st draft of the schedule was posted on August 24th, 2017! Tentative lists & schedules are  posted and were also emailed out so please check to see that you have your spot and the time and day marked works for you.
Please email or speak to your teacher if you have any ideas for music, etc. We have a photo album started of some costumes you can rent. We encourage you bring a photo of past costumes you may have to put into the album as well as the price you are looking to rent it out for. We want to have all costume orders finished by the first rotation of privates. All parents must approve and see the costumes your child is ordering. Our privates are ran on a 3 week rotational basis. Your private will stay on the same week each rotation. Please be aware of this week and make note of it on your calendars.
We do require a $100.00 deposit on each costume we will not order your child’s costume without it. Costume deposits are due by October 15th, 2017.
It is your responsibility to make sure you know your time and day and week of your private. If you cannot make your private YOU must find someone to switch with or you will be billed for the missed lesson. All rescheduling of privates need to be done through Miss MEAGAN ONLY.
All privates schedules will be posted on FACEBOOK. They do tend to change so make sure you are checking frequently to see if your times have moved etc.

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