Competitive & Company Program

Competition Information

TPDS attends 1-2 competitions a year. Once we have a chance to take a look at the dates available we will post the competitions we are planning on attending for that year. When this is decided upon we will decide what groups will attend each competition. This is will be posted in our competition groups document. Your student is eligible for competition if they are taking a minimum of 2 ballet classes a week. The director will decide which full-eyear classes will be attending 1 or both competitions. Our competitive program is perfect for the dancer who wants more weekly training and performance opportunities.

The additional fees for being in the competitive program include: Competition Entry Fees, Costumes, Travel to competition, & the mandatory competition team jacket.

Competition Groups

Being a part of a competition group is a responsibility, privilege & a high level of commitment is expected. Students must attend class on a regular basis. At home practicing is a expected. Parents are encouraged to come video tape their students competition groups during the last 5-10 minutes of each class. Please notify the teacher if you are planning to attend. Once competition choreography has commenced students attendance at every class is a must. It is very difficult to re-teach choreography every week.

Competition Fees

Once we have decided what competitions we are attending the fees for the event will be posted. All students must have their fees into the studio by November 15th.  1/2 of the festival fee amount is due by November 15th with the remaining balance due by November 30th. Payments can be made directly online through the parent portal or in the office during office hours.

Reimbursement of fees is applicable through the Crowsnest Pass Dance Festival Society volunteer opportunities. They have meeting at the beginning of each month. Check out their information board in the waiting room of the studio.

Hair & Make-Up Tutorial

Click on the link below to find the proper TPDS Hair & Make-Up Application!

NEW Company Program

We are offering a NEW COMPANY Program this season for groups. These groups will be done outside of your dancers regular class schedule.

This new program will:

1. Give specific disciplines that require more technical training time in class.

2. Provide your dancer with the opportunity to compete in a Production or Musical Theatre Group.

We will still be doing group dances in regular classes but would like to provide more opportunities for our students.

More information on our company program:

Company dancers MUST be enrolled in ALL recommended classes per the director. This is done per individual dancer

All company groups will be done out of class

Company dancers can be from ages 8 and up or Grade 1 Ballet and up

A company group is completed out of regular class time & considered a group private lesson

Attendance at ALL company privates is mandatory & commitment to your group is imperative.

For example: to a be a company dancer, your dancer must be enrolled in the full-year/competitive class to be in the company group. The only exception for this is Musical Theatre. To be in the musical theatre group and/or production your dancer MUST be enrolled in the regular full-year/competitive ballet and jazz/acro class.

Example #2: A dancer may be in the full-year/competitive jazz group but then also may be eligible upon auditioning or recommendation from the director/instructor to be in the ‘company’ out of class jazz group. Placement in company groups does not necessarily come from what level or age your dancer is in but from your dancer’s ability.

All pointe, contemporary & acro groups will be done as company dances ONLY. Therefore, your dancer MUST be enrolled in the regular full-year/competitive class.

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