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Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. Body placement, flexibility, alignment, strength and technique are achieved through barre and centre floor work.  TPDS offers ballet classes from Twinkle Star (ages 3-4) to senior levels. All Ballet classes are taught under the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus. Class levels are as follows; Twinkle Star, Twinkle Kinder, Pre-Primary Ballet, Primary Ballet, Grades 1-8 Ballet, Intermediate Foundation Ballet, Intermediate Ballet, Advanced Foundation Ballet, & Advanced 1 & 2 Ballet.








The emphasis in jazz is on the strength and flexibility developed through technically challenging movements such as kicks, leaps and turns. With its roots in ballet, today’s jazz has evolved from Broadway to MTV. Jazz classes from beginner to senior are offered in both our recreational and competitive programs.


Tap 4 *Tap 4 2016
Tap focuses on musical phrasing and the complexity of rhythms with the challenge of making melodies with the feet.  TPDS offers Tap for Pre-Primary students to senior levels.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop C 2016Hip Hop D 2016
Hip Hop is evolved out of street and break dance moves and is characterized by vigorous athletics and a bouncy style. We offer classes to students 6 years and up in both recreational and competitive.


Senior B Lyrical 2016Sr A Lyrical 2016
Lyrical is offered to those students enrolled in Jazz and Ballet and for aged 11+ years. While maintaining the rhythmic characteristics of jazz, it incorporates elements of Ballet and Modern Dance to give it a smooth lengthened look with lyrical quality. Lyrical is only offered in our competitive program.


For those dancers who have achieved the necessary classical technique and strength.  Pointe class concentrates on the transference of ballet steps from demi-pointe to pointe.  Admittance to a pointe class with permission of instructor only.



Twinkle Babies


Twinkle Star 

Tinytots *
Our Twinkle Star class is a preschool based programs for children aged 3-4 years old. The class length is 30 minutes once a week with instruction in ballet. The class is based around RAD preschool dance program, Twinkle Star Dance & Acrobatic Arts Acrodance Preschool. Twinkle Stars will develop strength and coordination in the body and imagination, musical awareness and joy of dance.  Classes can be chosen for the full year program with or without year-end show or 10-12 week session.

Twinkle Kinder

kindercombo-tap-pickindercombo 2016
The Twinkle Star program is for children 5-6 yrs & geared for children in Kindergarten. The class is 45 min once a week but with the beginning of the class in ballet then switching to acro half way through. Building on the basics of each discipline but working to develop a greater sense of body awareness, rhythm and music. Classes can be chosen for the full year program with or without year-end show or 10-12 week session.

Ball Class/Jumps & Turns

PBT LogoSr A L *
Ball Class and Jump & Turns classes provide foundational skills used in all dance programs. Students will work on flexibility and strength. Our conditioning ball class is based on the ‘Progressive Ballet Technique’ where students work on their body strength using exercise balls in relation to their basic ballet technique. Both of these classes are only open to students Grade 4 Levels through to senior.



Our Acro programs are taught under the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus. The syllabus is built for dancers and builds on their ballet technique by helping develop strength and flexibility It incorporates elements of gymnastics, balancing, limbering, tumbling and basic contortions. Dancers who train in acrobatic arts will find they will be more balanced, stronger, flexible and fearless. Our younger programs (Twinkle Babies, Star & Kinder) include aspects of the Acrodance Preschool Program. Straight acro classes being at Acro 1/2 through to senior levels.

Musical Theatre

The Musical Theatre program involves combining drama, dance, and lip syncing & singing. The emphasis is on teaching the student how to use their facial expression to add to their dance repertoire, creating a more diverse and complete performer. Classes will be focusing on show tunes, character development, improvisation, mime and song & dance.


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